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Welcome to the UKWebAd Tractor Book and DVD Page

Below is a selection of the best Tractor Books and DVDs.

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ISBN 0760303355

This is a comprehensive guide for the antique tractor collector or restorer. Included is advice on choosing a brand and model, and an explanation of how the antique tractor's basic systems work.

ISBN 0760306613

ISBN 1903366089

The little grey Fergie is Britain's best-loved tractor, the light user-friendly machine that finally replaced the horse on farms. This highly illustrated account covers the full history of Harry Ferguson's tractor products from his pioneering work before the 1930s to the merger with Massey in 1957. The author has had access to fresh archive material and has interviewed many of the surviving men who were associated with Ferguson. The appeal of the Fergie lay in its lightness and utility, and also in the system of mechanized farming of which it was a part. Throughout the book, reference is made to the implements which lay at the heart of the system. Stuart Gibbard has won "Tractor and Machinery" magazine's award for the best British tractor book five years running.

ISBN 0953365123

The first paperback edition of this book provides a thorough account of Ferguson's contribution to the development of tractors. The author had full access to the inventor's papers, and spent five years lecturing and instructing on Massey Ferguson equipment before writing this book. It also covers Ferguson's early days as an aviator and motor car pioneer, his business dealings, the tumultuous relationship with Ford and the merger with Massey.

ISBN 0896585352

Legendary Form Tractors contains more colour photographs of more types of farm tractors than any book on the market. The book contains over 640 photographs of tractors from the USA, Canada, Europe, and Japan which cover models from the 1880s to today. The photos are accompanied by detailed captions. The tractors are organised alphabetically by make so readers can easily find their favourites. The book's coverage ranges from familiar makes such as John Deere, Ford, Farmall, Case, Caterpillar, and International Harvester to obscure tractors that have seldom been seen, such as the special streamlined Porsche coffee plantation tractor that looks more like a Porsche sports car than a John Deere. The extensive variety of material and the excellent photographs taken by the renowned English photographer Andrew Morland, make this an exceptionally good book that will appeal to tractor buffs and to those looking for a giftbook for the tractor enthusiast.

ISBN 1405302402

Little ones should enjoy getting behind the wheel with "Tractor". As the tractor roars to life, children will see all around the farm, from the milking parlour to how the crops are cared for. The text supports the National Curriculum by exploring the history of farmyard vehicles.

ISBN 174110002X

What is it about old tractors that is so fascinating and entrancing? The sounds and smells of these old relics? The hunt to find that rarest of models? Or simply the memories such machines evoke? The "Magic of Old Tractors" explores this intriguing world.

ISBN 0896584550

Finally! A restoration guide with the kind of detail needed for a first class job. 'How to Restore Classic Farm Tractors' is packed with hundreds of helpful full-colour photographs, proven tips and techniques, and money-saving advice from restorers who know what works ...and what doesn't. This guide walks readers step-by-step through the complete restoration of their tractor from disassembly to engine rebuild, from electrics to painting and final detailing. There's even a handy section on parts sources.

ISBN 0760317828

For fun, practicality or profit, farm tractor restoration has become extremely popular. Follow two tractors through professional restorations and examine carbs, diesel systems, hydraulics, engines and drives, electrical, PTOs, and more. From buying a tractor to final paint and decals, this book helps you do it right so your classic will last for generations to come. Originally published in 1992, this updated edition reflects changes in the hobby. Features include a new introduction, an updated suppliers list, and select color photography, all wrapped into a new page design.

ISBN 0954022211

Britain's rich heritage of agricultural engineering innovation is showcased in this celebration of the age of the tractor. A unique collection of contemporary photographs combine to illustrate how farm power has progressed from the crude agricultural motors of the 1900s to the latest computer-age machines at the cutting edge of twenty-first century technology. The book not only chronicles the changing fortunes of the British tractor industry, but also looks at looks at the impact that imported machines from America and Europe had on UK farms. While the main focus is on the tractor in agriculture, emphasis is also given to its wider application with separate chapters for industrial machines and crawlers. Stuart Gibbard's authoritative text traces the chronological development of the tractors while considering their working environment and the jobs they did. He also looks at the tractor factories, the work of the machinery dealerships and the life of the tractor drivers to give a complete picture of progress on Britain's farms.

ISBN 0754815242


We're quite proud of this book, which we feel is the most complete history of Ford tractors available. Bob Pripps is one of the most respected Ford tractor historians, and Andrew Morland traveled throughout the USA, Canada, and England photographing original, restored, rare, and unusual tractors just for this book. In addition, we had help from Ford N Series tractor designer Harold L. Brock, New Holland North America, Funk Brothers founder Joe Funk, Ford tractor restoration experts N-Complete, and tractor enthusiasts everywhere.


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